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About our company

Activities, developments

Zecotec Ltd main business is research, development and production of electronic devices. The company began its activity in 1994 with production of home and car alarm systems. This production continues at present days. Over the years, Zecotec Ltd. was been involved in projects connected to development and production of perimeter security devices using infrared rays, controllers for traction and positioning of hospital beds, systems for access control using RFID, as well as electronic components for production of street LED lamps and solar street LED lamps with Lithium-polymer cells.

Current products and developments

During the last three years, the company launched a program to produce components for electric bicycles and small electric vehicles. The first product connected with this program was entirely developed in the company controller for management and contorl of brushless DC electric motors. Ongoing is the start of a center for assembling and production of lithium-polymer batteries for electric bicycles and vehicles based on the company developed system for the management of lithium-polymer cells.

Using the experience and its developed components, last year Zecotec Ltd offer to the market own concept for electric-bicycle Ecospeed 500 and the first series was sold out for a few days early in the season. Forthcoming is presentation of two new models and launch of serial production for the next season.

3D GUARD - How did this happen?

Along with the production of car alarm systems, as well as the meetings with clients in relation to the production of electric bicycles and components, we received many requests and questions for products related to the bicycles security. After we done research in several countries for the mood of the market, we found that the interest in such a product is extremely high by distributors and end users.

Reports for the increasing thefts of bicycles in Europe and globally, clearly supported demonstrated interest in such product. As it happens in life, the last incident that pushed us to the development of a portable bicycle alarm, was the stolen bicycle of one of the engineers working for the company.

Product development launched last year and the goal was to be developed enough compact, robust and powerful model of portable bicycle alarm, which in parallel to allow continuous operation without the need of often batteries change or recharge. On the other hand, the alarm had to be designed in such a way that intelligently filter out random impacts and events leading to unwanted alarm signaling. Thanks to excellent electronic and software engineers, the above objectives were achieved by usage for the first time in such a device of three-axis gyroscope sensor and RFID identification technology, combined with microprocessor and a special algorithm. These innovations and the device itself are under an international patent protection on behalf of Zecotec Ltd.

One year later, Zecotec Ltd. is pleased to offer its product to consumers. The team of Zecotec Ltd., assures you that 3D GUARD will be a great asset, providing more peace of mind an security in your everyday life!