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3D GUARD Bicycle alarm

Product description

3D GUARD is new generation portable alarm system designed primarily to protect your bicycle or its parts against theft. 3D GUARD could be used for also for protection of any kind of portable or movable objects such as scooters, kick scooters, baby prams, garden equipment and even hand baggage during sport or rest activities.

What is new in 3D GUARD? The answer is EVERYTHING!

3D GUARD is the first in the world portable alarm, which alarm sound reaches 117.5 dB (Proved in laboratory conditions)!.
3D GUARD is the first in the world portable alarm device, which uses data from 3-dimensional gyroscope sensor,processed by microcontroller and special algorithm.
3D GURAD is the only portable alarm device, with such micro consumption of electricity, that allows independent work in security/armed mode more than 720 hours! This means that by one or two recharges you can protect your bicycle during the whole season.
3D GUARD is factory sealed, resistant to any kind of weather conditions.
3D GUARD is armed/disarmed by RFID key with unique code, which repeatedly increases the security, and frees you from the need for remembering different code combinations. Without its RFID keys the alarm becomes unusable.
The alarm has rugged, shock and hit resistant body.

The installation of the alarm becomes within few minutes, with usage of housing clamp included in the box. The body is designed to allow stable attachment of the device to all kind of tubes with diameter from 16 to 50 mm. (Video)
3D GUARD is lightweight, compact and very simple for usage.

Technical information for 3D GUARD

  • Housing from reinforced aluminum alloy
  • Siren power - 110 dB(117.5 dB in laboratory conditions, measured at 30 cm)
  • Working time in armed mode 720 hours
  • Working time in standby/sleep mode 6 months
  • Combined working time in mixed mode (daily usage) - 2 months
  • Arming/disarming - trough RFID key
  • Lithium-polymer (Li-Po) rechargeable battery
  • Factory sealed housing, completely waterproof , resistant to any weather conditions
  • Three working modes for different external conditions - "NOFRMAL", "HIGH", "LOW"
  • Light reflecting panel с with buttons and LED indicator
  • Recharging trough standard USB sockets (with the included cable)
  • Rubber fixators for protecting the frame
  • Dimensions (H,W,L): 53х53х76 mm
  • Weight: 290 gr.
  • Color: black, white (different colors upon request)

User manuals, video guides and instructions

You could download user manual in English here:

You can download user manual in German here:
You can download user manual in French here:

Help videos

Content of 3D GUARD box Content of 3D GUARD box
Insatlling 3D guard on the seat tube Installing 3D guard on the seat tube
Insatlling 3D guard on the seat post Installing 3D guard on the seat post