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Product 1

Do you worry that your bicycle could be stolen?   Are you afraid to leave it on a public place?

Product 1

Guarantee your piece of mind!   With 3D GUARD, your bicycle will always be where you left it!

3D GUARD - Portable Bicycle Alarm

Protect your bicycle!

3D GUARD is first and only portable alarm in the world

Extremely powerful, durable, light and compact, intelligent and simple, easy for installation and usage, protected against any weather conditions and having its own power supply ensuring 720 hours independent work in security mode!

For the first time in the world  portable alarm device possessing features as:
Alarm sound power level -
117.5 dB! (Video)
Extremly long working time Working time in alarm mode without recharging - more than 720 hours!
Wterproof Completely protected against any weather conditions! (Video)
Microprocessor control Microprocessor control and algorithm for protection!
RFID technology RFID process for device arming / disarming!
LiPo advanced rechargable battery Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with more than 10 years live!

3D GUARD is extremely easy for installation and usage.
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